Do you already have an account with USA Archery, NFAA, Vegas Shoot or other Sport:80 event?


 Click HERE  or scan the code below to purchase:

  1. You will be asked to create login information (you will need this in case you need to redeem lost tickets or access important event information)
  2. Make your ticket selections and click ‘NEXT’.
  3. Navigate to the cart and you will be logged into your new account and will land in the shopping cart
  4. If all looks good, click ‘Checkout’ and complete your payment!


Click HERE or scan the code below to purchase:

  1. Login using the same credentials that you use to login to any of the above referenced platforms.
  2. Click the ‘buy’ icon. (USAA Admins will need to navigate to Spectator Events for this screen.)
  3. Click the ‘Buy Tickets’ button. Select your choices.
  4. Once you have made your selections, click ‘ENTER&CHECKOUT’. Navigate through the checkout process to complete your payment!

Redeeming your tickets:

Once you have completed your purchase you will receive an email with the following:

  1. A PDF copy of your ticket attached
  2. A link to add your ticket to your Apple or Android Wallet

You will receive a single ticket that will cover you for all of your purchases. The ticket will include a QR code which will be scanned upon entry to the event. This will provide event organizers with the number of items you purchased and will enable them to ‘check you in’ to the event. If you have purchased multiple tickets for friends or family members – you can reprint the ticket, or share it via your smartphone wallet. Once the number of items purchased have all been checked in by venue staff – any and all tickets shared will not be able to be re-used for entry.