Easton Archery Center Saltlake

The Easton Salt Lake Archery Center is a state-of-the-art training center located in Salt Lake City, Utah providing Utah with one of the world’s premier archery training venues. This world-class facility boasts one of the largest dedicated indoor ranges in the world and also has outdoor and 3D ranges. The Easton Salt Lake Archery Center provides superior performance training for teams and individual athletes both locally and around the world.

The $12 million training facility totals over 60,000 square feet and features shooting venues that accommodate shooting: indoors, indoor/outdoor, covered, outdoor, and 3D. Additionally, the facility is equipped with technologically advanced testing, meeting and classroom space, a gym, sports med room, and workshop.

Located less than 5 miles from Salt Lake City International Airport and close to several hotels, the Easton Salt Lake Archery Center features amenities and opportunities for archery enthusiasts of all levels. In addition to archery classes and group lessons they also offer private coaching, archery instructor certification, video analysis, private events, seminars and tournaments.

Easton Archery Center Saltlake: Outdoor Shooting Range

Outdoor Shooting Range

The Easton Salt Lake Archery Center hosts an outdoor archery range on an artificial turf field, with a shooting distance out to 90 meters (64 targets) and a dedicated Field and 3-D archery range.

Easton Archery Center Saltlake

Indoor Shooting Range

The Easton Salt Lake Archery Center includes a dedicated indoor archery range with 92 shooting lanes to 18 meters or 30 shooting lanes to 70 meters. The center also has a transition room which allows archers to shoot from the indoors out.

The Easton Salt Lake Archery Center is a project of the Easton Foundations, which has a network of regional training facilities working together for archery excellence. They serve the needs of shooters whether the goal is recreation, Olympic gold, or anything in between.